'TREES' 1st-30th June 2020 EXTENDED DURING COVID-19

'TREES'  Exhibition extended during COVID 19 interspersed with ADELAIDE PERRY (1891-1973) oils & drawings; early works by TOM GLEGHORN (b. 1925) and ALFRED COOK (1907-1970)

From ADELAIDE PERRY Sketches to Final Paintings, From Traditional to Modern Paintings

our Trees Exhibition continues the Australian Image during 2020

PERRY Tree Sketch 1 $200

PERRY Old Angophora $3000

PERRY Tree Sketch 2 $200

PERRY Gums at Bradley Heads1937 $1100

SPICER Gulgong $8200

HERPS Road to Boulia $1400

WILSON Mangroves $1500

TORY Cerulian Idyll $3500 80x110cm

Author Colin Simpson asks the question why ranking Australian artists turn their backs on the bushland especially the gums…….”How subtle and yet how strong in form and colour the ones outside my window are….The changing season lifts the cracked curled bark on a soft new pastel skin.  As one bleaches white another’s trunk turns from a womanish pink to that burnt-cyclamen which is surely one of the primal colours of this land.  Two smooth and leaning slender flanks are dappled in purple-grey and a cream that gives a lovely nakedness to the abandoned fling of their branches.  And over these the Big Gum broods obesely, resting the wrinkled fat of his crooked arms, housing the kookaburras in the socket of one dead shoulder, letting the passing breeze sharpen his thin green leaves together for the nights when I look out and see them cutting the moon up into little pieces.” Artarmon Galleries publication ’Australian Image’ (1956) p.4